List of the best SEO tools

Last Updated July 2020
Here I’ve added all the SEO tools I know about. Let me know if you find any worth adding 🙂 Enjoy.

Keyword Research Tools

URLCategoryDate launchedCostRatingComments
Keyword EyeKeyword researchFree trial then $17+not rated yet
Keyword RevealerKeyword researchFree trial then $9.99+not rated yet
Keyword tool dominatorKeyword research$44.95+not rated yeteBay, Amazon, YouTube, Bing
Keyword ditKeyword researchFreenot rated yetReddit
Grep WordsKeyword research$15+4.5
Keyword SpyKeyword researchnot rated yet
Long tail proKeyword researchFree trial then $25+not rated yet
Power suggest proKeyword research$57not rated yet
Sanity checkKeyword researchFree trial then $19+not rated yet
Seed keywordsKeyword researchFreenot rated yet
Word StreamKeyword researchFree trial then $49+not rated yet
Higher visibilityKeyword researchnot rated yet
Neil PatelKeyword research$29+not rated yet
Market BoldKeyword researchFreenot rated yet
WincherKeyword researchFree trial then $10+not rated yet
YT cockpitKeyword research$19+not rated yetYouTube
SE cockpitKeyword research$39+not rated yet
SoovleKeyword researchFree4I like this one alot
LSI graphKeyword researchFree then $27+not rated yet
Hit tailKeyword research$19.95+not rated yet
KW finderKeyword research$29.95+not rated yet
Word trackerKeyword researchFree then $27+not rated yet
SEO monitorKeyword researchFree4.5Very good, use frequently
Also askedKeyword researchFree4.25I like this one alot, gives structures
Answer the publicKeyword researchFree & Paid $79+4
Keyword tool Keyword researchPaid $69+not rated yet
Google trendsKeyword researchFree3.75Use frequently
SEO scoutKeyword researchFree & Paid $29+not rated yet
SEO data vizKeyword researchFreenot rated yetI like this one, nice visuals
AhrefsKeyword researchFree & Paid $99+4.75Very good, use frequently


URLCategoryDate launchedCostRating
Bing webmaster toolsWebsite analysisMarch 2009Free3.5
Google search consoleWebsite analysis2006Free4.75
BotifyCrawler & Log file analysis2012Paid4.5
BrowSEOWebsite / crawl analysis2015FreeNot rated yet
Content KingCrawler2015Free trial then £29+4.5
DareboostWebsite / speed analysisMarch 2012Free & Paid $22+Not rated yet
EasydirRedirects2014Free trial then $11.95+Not rated yet
OnCrawlCrawler2013Free trial then $49+4.5
Screaming Frog log analyserLog file analysis2010Free & Paid3.5
Screaming Frog CrawlerCrawler2010Free & Paid4.5
SEMrushWebsite analysisAugust 2008Free trial then $99+4.5
SistrixWebsite analysis2004Free trial then $99+4.25
BuiltWithWebsite analysis2007Free & Paid ($295+)3.5
XML sitemapsXML sitemap generator2005Free & Paid ($19)3
PingdomSpeed test2007Free trial then $11+4.25
Sitebulb (formerly URL profiler)Crawler2017Free trial then £10+4.5

Rank Trackers

Rank Trackers

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